Why Strada7 Leadership Lab is Different

Most leadership training incorporates a long list of leadership standards and competencies, few of which drive sales revenue and service delivery. There are only a handful of people management practices that make big improvements to sales and service – we call these the 7 Disciplines of Great Managers.

Strada7® Leadership Lab helps managers learn and implement the 7 Disciplines, so they can change employee behaviour for rapid improvements in sales revenue and service delivery. This means they can increase sales and service each by at least 21% in 21 weeks, while also improving employee engagement.

There are no travel costs associated with your managers attending Strada7® Leadership Lab, as it is all delivered online.

The 7 Disciplines of Great Managers

  1. Drive for Results
  2. Focus on Critical Work Behaviours
  3. Provide Positive Feedback (Praise) to Reinforce Behaviour
  4. Are Willing to Confront Poor Performance
  5. Have a System for Noticing What People are Doing
  6. Develop Others
  7. Link Work to Its Impact on Organisational Performance


What Business Results Does Strada7 Leadership Lab Bring ?

Business outcome improvements:

Sales: At least a 21% increase in 21 weeks. We frequently see at least a 40% increase in sales in 10 months. This means you’re able to get increased sales, year-on-year, with fewer employees.
Service Delivery: At least a 21% increase in 21 weeks. This means you’re able to deliver better service, year-on-year, with fewer employees.
Absenteeism and Turnover: Reductions that can pay for Strada7® Leadership Lab within months.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee that if your managers complete all components of Strada7® Leadership Lab, and implement what we recommend, they will increase sales revenue or service delivery (depending on which metric for which they are responsible) by at least 21% in just 21 weeks. However, many of our clients have achieved greater improvements in as little as a month.

If in 21 weeks’ time your managers have completed all components of the Strada7® Leadership Lab, and implemented what we recommend, and they haven't achieved at least a 21% increase, we will work with you at no further cost until they do.


Examples of Sales and Service Delivery Improvements by Using Strada7 Leadership Lab

Sales Improvements

AAPT: In 2 months, there was more than a 200% increase in sales revenue. In 6 months, there was more than a 400% increase. In 10 months, there was a 519% increase.
Virgin Blue Australia: Sales conversion increased by 25%.
World Vision Australia: Revenue increases across the sales channels ranged from 342% to 1,545%.
Bank of New Zealand: Sales performance doubled within 4 months.
Telecom New Zealand: Month 1 showed a 150% increase in sales on the previous month, 200% the next month, and then 250% in month 3
New Zealand Automobile Association: Having the best years on record as a result of principles taught in Strada7® Leadership Lab.
ADT: Productivity increased so much that staff numbers were reduced by 31% without reducing throughput.
Pacific Retail Group: Warranty sales increased by a little more than 20%.
Hart Candy: Add-on sales increased by 130%, and gross profit increased by 50%
Noel Leeming Group: 70% increase in same-month sales performance from the previous year.
Harvey Norman: Achieved over 50% growth in extended warranty sales in 2 weeks.

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Service Delivery Improvements

Queensland Urban Utilities: Greater service delivery from increased productivity is creating savings of more than $200,000 a month.
Contact Energy: Average call length reduced by 1 minute within 3 months.
Mitsubishi Motors: Almost immediate increases in service delivery.
Countrywide Bank: Service delivery increased by 837% in 2 months.
Telecom New Zealand: Service delivery measurably improved and team morale lifted within a few weeks.

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“After our managers implemented what’s taught in Strada7® Leadership Lab, in 2 months, there was more than a 200% increase in sales revenue. In 6 months, there was more than a 400% increase. In 10 months, there was a 519% increase.

“There was a 34% reduction in sick leave, down from 572 to 376 lost days per month. This equated to 10 staff per year.

“Employee happiness increased, and a positive change in morale and culture occurred.”

Bryan Yianakis
Director of Sales & Service (previously)


We took 1 minute off the average call length, within 3 months.

“I am far more engaged with my people. I actually feel like I’m making a difference and I enjoyed the training process. While there were sceptics in the beginning it’s now part of the culture. The culture was good before, but now it has a buzz, it’s even better.”

Judith Stevich
Customer Care Manager
Contact Energy


“We were able to see immediate differences in results from individual stores where the managers had applied what they’d learnt. In a number of stores, there was a 70% increase in same-month performance from last year.

Philip Anderson
Regional Manager
Noel Leeming Group


“We find the 7 Disciplines are pitched at the right level for our Service Managers.

“I find the techniques both simple and effective. The 7 Disciplines of Great Managers give you the tools to help change staff attitude from negative to positive. The results are pretty immediate, and importantly you learn how you can find that “right” button to press to get the improvements in service delivery you want.”

Lloyd Robinson
Manager Technical Services
Mitsubishi Motors


“One month after I implemented the 7 Disciplines of Great Managers, accessory sales were up by 100%. The following month they were up by 115%. A side benefit of using the Disciplines is the sales confidence it has given staff.”

Craig Taylor
Branch Manager (previously)
Telecom New Zealand