Effective Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills for people managers, anywhere

We believe effective leaders make a difference.Yet, for many organizations there is a lack of leadership capability in their people managers; often promoted because of their technical expertise rather than their potential as people leaders.

We believe that people managers hold the key to organizational success. As Effective Leadership experts, we believe that when provided with the necessary leadership skills, managers can significantly improve the engagement of their employees, and the performance of their teams. And we believe that can only be good for everyone.

Effective Leaders can :

  • Inspire commitment
  • Grow employee engagement and work motivation
  • Confront non-performance
  • Maximize employee performance for greater results

Strada7® is our online Effective Leadership skills program. It offers people managers a blended learning approach of training and support in Effective Leadership skills. Our support services include the opportunity to interact with expert Leadership Coaches by Webinar, online coaching and email.

Effective Leadership benefits :

  • Extensive Experience
    We have worked with about 10,000 managers across the Asia- Pacific region so we know what works.
  • Cost Effective
    Effective Leadership training over the internet is far more cost-effective than sending your managers to external training courses.
  • Increased Productivity
    Learning that's focused on leadership activity makes the greatest difference to employee performance and work motivation.
  • Ongoing Support
    6 months support from a Leadership Coach to ensure your managers implement what they’ve learnt.
  • Simple, Online Service
    Strada7® is a simple to use online service, available whenever your managers need it.
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Effective Leadership Development

Strada7 clients include:

  • Harrison Grierson
  • Contact Energy
  • World Vision
  • CIGNA Insurance
  • Automobile Association
  • Dilworth Hearing
  • Mercury IT